Ten works you must know to feel music

All the music represents the tremor of a premonition subjected to order in an exquisite, wise and malleable fashion within the splendour of art in a humane measure. For example, the ‘Red Book of Montserrat’ for Shostakovich


Membra Jesu Nostri

Dietrich Buxtehude


Danish Buxtehude is said to be Bach’s main predecessor. Proof of this are the cycle of seven brief cantatas, almost in oratorical form. Each cantata alludes to a pain of one member of the body of Christ in his Passion, and the whole set, of superb coherence, poignantly restrained and transparent is an exercise of meditation in pain transforming empathy into introspection, uncertainty into plea, in the hope of finally contemplating the beloved members beyond the shadows, face to face.