Ten works you must know to feel music

All the music represents the tremor of a premonition subjected to order in an exquisite, wise and malleable fashion within the splendour of art in a humane measure. For example, the ‘Red Book of Montserrat’ for Shostakovich


Third Symphony

Gustav Mahler


Mahler is an unfathomable composer. He brought forward all the culminating moments announced by Brahms and Bruckner, and he himself foreshadowed his break from Schönberg and Berg. Perhaps it is his third symphony the one that is most unfathomable and rich of his work. A disproportionate, Nietzschean chant to nature, mystery and hope; a hieroglyph; a collection of ancient discoveries and new experiments. George Steiner wrote about him that the chant in the night from the Third Symphony transports us to a home where we have never been, and is now ours.