Ten works you must know to feel music

All the music represents the tremor of a premonition subjected to order in an exquisite, wise and malleable fashion within the splendour of art in a humane measure. For example, the ‘Red Book of Montserrat’ for Shostakovich


Concert for piano # 1. Op. 12

Ludwig van Beethoven


Beethoven’s music did not receive immediate public recognition. The echoes of that achievement still strike us on listening to the opening movement of the first piano concerto, with that string of themes linked with an audacity as yet unknown, only the precursors of one of the longest most poignant fragments in the history of music. The profound connection between piano and orchestra expands Mozart’s art and ends up commanding his century. The hypersensitive piano player and unparalleled architect of sounds still blind us. Always arrogant and free, the romantic play prevails in the universe.