Ten works you must know to feel music

All the music represents the tremor of a premonition subjected to order in an exquisite, wise and malleable fashion within the splendour of art in a humane measure. For example, the ‘Red Book of Montserrat’ for Shostakovich



Fryderyck Chopin


Romantic sensitiveness is nocturnal. Searches for seclusiveness, shade and secret to find its pulse while listening in the background to the endless bass of the world enigma. But it can also be gentle like a whispered dance in Chopin’s second and third nocturni or Schumann’s Träumerei: sleepy, slight, brief, they transit for a while on land and then vanish. In many other nocturni (the poignant seventh, or thirteenth), serenity and storminess put up a fight in the artist’s soul, like in Hölderlin and Keats’ poems.