Mom, I want to become an influencer

What is the secret, not being professional of the fashion or of the arts, to become a valuable presence in any social act, for example, of Barcelona?

hey are neither models, nor actresses, nor fashion designers, nor photographers, nor stylists. However, they earn money for posing, attending parties, put their name in fashion collections, wearing a purse, recording videos in YouTube, and even for taking selfies. Andrea Belverf, Dulceida, Marta Rimbau, Belén Hostalet, Gala González are only a few of the Instagram queens that the virtual world has crowned as influencers. This brand new career, apparently, consists in exhibiting one’s own lifestyle in the social networks with a view to encouraging young girls to become like them. Thousands and thousands of likes back up the credibility of these girls as brand advertisers, whether they choose a certain shoe, hairstyle or cream.

Experts claim that the economic crisis is more acute now. For this reason, directives from fashion businesses decided that this strategy could be used to foster their products. When Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid present a new collection in Barcelona, not only does the American super model show up but also the marketing and communication departments decide to bring along local instagramers with a broad cachet, that is, with a considerable amount of followers. The more followers, the higher the price tag. The fans in Paseo de Gracia queue up and hold the long line and become more direct consumers.

What do you need to do to become an influencer? How does it become a business with a team and manager from being a mere hobby? Armies of young internet users are determined to achieve their goal. They update their outfits daily, invent idyllic moments to share, fill their accounts with good vibes and naturalness of the perfect lifestyle on the hunt for advisor-boyfriends and, in doing so, make a dream come true: they want to leave behind the common status of followers and become a leader.

Admittedly, it has never been as easy as it is now. The last generation of influencers do not even require appearing in reality shows like the Kardashians, nor presenting any news like Sara Carbonero, nor being engaged to a prince. This new generation does not even need to write a blog. The new wave of influencers has grown up from a young girl to becoming a woman in Instagram or YouTube, and is almost a stranger in this world. She looks like a smart girl, has a fine taste for clothes and shows self-confidence. But, above all, she looks like a normal girl.

And, why do only some of them fulfil their dreams? Why are there teenagers who can enjoy this long-awaited treasure -front row in Paris, London and Milan fashion shows, 6,000 euros for each picture taken, brand signings with luxury brands- and the majority can’t?

Simplicity becomes difficult to explain when there is no objective explanation to it. This is a question of charm, which is intangible. It would be the same as asking why a girl is more popular than anybody else in the class. She might not be the prettiest, nor the tallest, nor the most intelligent. But everybody likes her. She is special, charming and can compel one to jealousy, even outrage, but when she pays attention to you, you melt. They are natural leaders. The rest, us, the one or two million fans want to dress, live and have fun like them. In the meantime, we keep seeking their friendship.