Lucía and Lucas, the most popular baby names in Spain in 2017

If it’s a girl, Lucía. If it’s a boy, Lucas. These were the names most chosen by the parents of girls and boys born in Spain last year 2017, according to the data provided this week by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) on the names of newborns.

Of the 190,029 girls born in 2017 in Spain, a total of 4,410 received the name of Lucía. The second most popular name was Sofía (4,206 girls), while María (3,874) was the third.

The top ten positions were completed with the names of Martina, Paula, Júlia, Daniela, Valeria, Alba and Emma.

In the case of boys, there were a total of 201,901 births and the most popular name was Lucas (4,209 children), ahead of Hugo (4,141) and Martín (3,838).

Daniel, Pablo, Alejandro, Mateo, Adrián, Álvaro and Manuel completed the list of the ten most popular baby names in 2017.

The following two graphs show the list of the hundred most frequent girl and boy names among newborns in Spain during the year 2017: