The ranking of countries by Internet connection speeds

Qatar is the country in the world with the fastest mobile broadband network, while Singapore has the fixed network with the highest speed, according to the “Speed Global Index” ranking, developed every month by the company specialized in Internet metrics, Ookla.

The last published data, corresponding to the last month of July, show that the countries with a mobile network with a higher average download speed were Qatar (62.63 Mbps), Norway (57.31 Mbps) and United Arab Emirates (55, 17 Mbps).

The average global speed for mobile networks was 22.81 Mbps download and 9.13 Mbps data upload. Spain ranked 31st in this ranking with an average mobile download speed of 31.01 Mbps.

In the case of fixed networks, the countries with the highest average download speed in July were Singapore (181.47 Mbps), Hong Kong (145.65) and Iceland (143.62). Spain ranked 11th with an average speed of 88.73 Mbps.

The average global data download speed in fixed networks was 46.41 Mbps, while the average speed was 22.48 Mbps.

The following two graphs show the ranking of the 20 countries with the highest average speed of internet connection for mobile lines, first, and for fixed broadband connections.