The most visited cities around the world in 2017

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, was the city that received a greater number of international visitors throughout 2017, with a total of 20.05 million visitors, as revealed by the Global Destination Cities Index 2018 study recently published by Mastercard.

The second city in this ranking is London (United Kingdom), with 19.83 million visitors, while the French capital, Paris, occupies the third place with 17,44 million international visitors. Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is fourth (15.79 million) and Singapore fifth (13.91 million).

Two Spanish cities are among the top 20 in the ranking: Palma de Mallorca, with 8.78 million international visitors in 2017 ranked 16, and Barcelona, ​​which is the 17th with a total of 8.69 million visitors.

The Mastercard study, which has been conducted for a decade, analyzes data from a total of 162 cities around the world.

In addition to the number of international visitors, Mastercard’s Global Destination Index also provides data on the average spending of visitors and the average length of stay.

Among the ten most visited cities in 2017, the one that had a higher daily average cost per visitor was Dubai, with 537 dollars, followed by Paris (301 dollars) and Singapore (286 dollars).

On average nights stay, the leader among the top ten were New York, with 8.3 nights. Tokyo was the second, with 6.5 nights of average stay, and London and Istanbul were next with 5.8 nights.