Ten memorable works to understand poetry

Between the structure of modern lyricism and poetry from the antiquity, the energy of silence and word keep flowing, despite claims that after Auschwitz, lyricism was impossible. How can one choose ten poems among the almost infinite sequence of poems that create something from the fugitive, from the sacred or from the nothing? From Pindarus to Rilke, from Garcilaso to Baudelaire, any choice is a risk. Here are the ten poems of my big gamble.


A tant s’an va chascuns par lui
vv. 710-724 del Chevalier de  la Charrete
(In this each one goes by him)



Considered as a roman (novel), although some hold the term “poem” because it is written in octosyllabic verses of rhymed couplets. This work by this 12th century writer from La Champagne contains some paragraphs that clearly constitute a lyrical arrest within the narrative flow. The 14 lines chosen draw a perfectly geometric figure, that of the courteous lover: solitary wanderer, pensive, lost of himself, of his name, of his weapons, absorbed in one only thought: his lady.