Ten memorable works to understand poetry

Between the structure of modern lyricism and poetry from the antiquity, the energy of silence and word keep flowing, despite claims that after Auschwitz, lyricism was impossible. How can one choose ten poems among the almost infinite sequence of poems that create something from the fugitive, from the sacred or from the nothing? From Pindarus to Rilke, from Garcilaso to Baudelaire, any choice is a risk. Here are the ten poems of my big gamble.


One Art



The art that the poem alludes to is the art of loss, a concept that must be understood as an exercise. One must be trained for losing, from the smallest to the biggest thing, that is from the keys to your door or the los of cities and entire kingdoms, and she keeps saying in her last lines of several stanzas, this is no disaster. The will of the practiser crumbles in the last stanza, as the only thing that one really must admit is disaster. Brilliant is Bishop’s irony in this poem.