Los Angeles, Moscow and New York lead the global ranking of the cities with more traffic congestions

Los Angeles (United States) is the city in the world in which drivers spend more hours in traffic congestions: an average of 102 hours per year per driver during 2017. The second and third places in this ranking are occupied by the cities of Moscow (Russia) and New York (United States), both with an average of 91 hours per year.

This is indicated by the largest global study on this subject, carried out by the company Inrix. This is the IINRIX Global Traffic Scorecard, which in its 2017 edition has analyzed traffic data from a total of 1,360 cities in 38 countries around the world, including Spain.

The fourth city in the world in which drivers must stand more hours in their cars throughout the year is São Paulo (Brazil), with 86 hours, while San Francisco (United States) ranks fifth in the ranking with 79 average hours per year.

Ten of the 25 cities with the most traffic congestion are in the United States: to the aforementioned Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco are added Atlanta (70 hours), Miami (64), Washington DC (63), Boston (60) ), Chicago (57), Seattle (55) and Dallas (54). In the United States as a whole, drivers spend an average of 41 hours a year in traffic delays during peak hours.

By country, the ten most congested in the world are, in this order, Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey and the United Kingdom. In Thailand, drivers add an annual average of 56 hours of retention during peak traffic hours.

According to this study, the Spanish city where drivers suffer more hours of retention a year is Madrid: the capital of Spain occupies the 41st place in the global ranking with a total of 42 hours of congestion per driver and year. For its part, Barcelona appears in the 80th place in the ranking with 28 hours of annual retention of average per driver.

Inrix’s study also reveals that the city where vehicles drive at a slower average speed because of traffic jams is Belfast: in the capital of Northern Ireland, the average speed during the day is only 5.4 kilometers. per hour.

In London it is estimated that the traffic retentions have an average annual cost per driver of 2,430 pounds, and more than 9,500 million pounds of cost per year for the whole city.

The INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard allows you to search through continents, countries and cities to locate the data that interests each user.