Slow Fashion: Jardins d’Irene Polo

A place that assembles articles inspired by Slow Fashion. Irene Polo i Roig (Barcelona, 1908 – Buenos Aires, 1942). Journalist. Her humanism was totally self-taught; she learned literature, art, history and French. On the 18th of June 1930, she signed her first work of journalism in the magazine Imatges. In 1931, she contributed to the newspaper La Humanitat and the weekly La Rambla, where she started publishing her interviews. She began to examine political and labour issues, and she wrote major investigative reports which turned her into an important journalist of her era. She also contributed to the newspapers L’opinió, L’Instant and Última Hora. She worked as a French translator for Losada and Sopena publishing houses. She moved to Argentina, and in January 1940 she accepted the job of advertising director in the company Perfumeries Dana. In September 1941, she fell into a depression and committed suicide at the age of 33.